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Motion graphic templates

Motion Toolkit

Vertex houses both a studio and in-house video production team that creates a lot of content, much of which relies on motion graphics. But their video editors are responsible for designing and animating branded motion graphics, which isn’t ideal—editors are more productive when editing. Relying on video editors for design can create complications for the brand team responsible for delivering consistency across communications.


• Graphic Design

• Motion Design

• Animation

• Custom Code

• Animation Toolkit

• Guidelines

• Improved Sleep Quality


Collaborating directly with Vertex’s in-house team helped us learn about the stories they’re telling, unpack their workflow, and identify their daily pain points. We determined which motion graphic assets were most needed and discussed the features and functionality they preferred to ensure use and effectiveness. Working closely with their brand team also helped confirm the asset designs fit their needs.


Create a series of mood-driven, brand-approved motion graphic templates (mogrts) that are incredibly flexible and dramatically speed-up workflows. To do this, we designed and coded each one from the ground up for simplicity, elegance, and accessibility in a way that blends effortlessly into Premiere for a seamless user experience.

Michael Montrella




"A wealth of gratitude toward TyTy Works. We appreciate you and your dedication to the craft. Thanks for the fresh Vertex vibes."