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Explainer video

Session Replay

Session Replay is a powerful tool that captures and visually replays the complete digital experience of every user, making it an essential component of any modern Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) strategy. To promote adoption and usage, Dynatrace wanted to develop a video that highlights the tool's unique value for both customers and prospects.


• Storyboarding

• Graphic Design

• Motion Design

• Animation

• Voice-over

• Sound Design


We worked closely with the Dynatrace Session Replay team to gain valuable insights into the user experience, and used that knowledge to enhance the user interface with sleek animations, sound design, and refined color schemes. These changes were designed to make the UI more visually engaging, while staying true to the brand's overall aesthetic.


We leveraged our strategic and creative expertise to produce an explainer video that reframed an underutilized platform and improved user engagement and satisfaction.