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Live action + motion graphics

ISQ2 Building

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is expanding upon its cutting-edge cell and gene therapies. And to focus on this next frontier of medicine, they built an ambitious manufacturing and research campus named the Jeffrey Leiden Center for Cell and Genetic Therapies. To tell the story, Vertex wanted to create video content that celebrates the opening of its state-of-the-art, four-story, 267,000-square-foot facility.


• Creative Development

• Copywriting

• Design

• Animation

• Video Editing

• Sound Design


Vertex wanted to inform and inspire its employees—but doing both in one video can be challenging as it requires finding the right balance of information and inspiration. We chose to lean on the most inspiring internal voices to tell the story. From there, we distilled the information to the essential points and complemented them with powerful, exciting imagery and sound.


Putting our strategic and storytelling skills to work, we took a broad need for video content and turned it into a masterpiece that was utilized and celebrated internally for months. And because of its internal success, we were asked to make shorter external versions for social media.