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Building Bridges

Live action + motion graphics

St. George's School

St. George’s School recognizes the critical importance of having a community, comprised of faculty, students, and staff from every imaginable background, united by a love of learning and a desire to contribute to the world. In response to this need, St. George's Shool initiated the Building Bridges program, aimed at fostering BIPOC representation and leadership among educators.


• Project Management

• Creative Development

• Scriptwriting

• Design

• Animation

• Video Filming

• Video Editing

• Sound Design


Understanding the challenge of conveying both information and inspiration in one video, the strategy was to highlight the voices and experiences of those directly impacted by the Building Bridges program. By featuring personal narratives and achievements, the video aimed to inform and inspire viewers, striking a balance between conveying essential information and evoking emotional resonance.


Through strategic storytelling and visual representation, the Building Bridges overview video became a powerful tool for raising awareness and engagement. By showcasing the success stories of participants and emphasizing the potential impact of the program, the video captivated audiences both internally and externally.

Its compelling message and clear call to action prompted increased interest, participation, and partnership inquiries. By leveraging various distribution channels, including the school’s website and social media platforms, the video continues to amplify the mission and impact of the Building Bridges program.

Dwayne Pina

Program Director

Building Bridges

"The video effectively captures the essence of our program, serving as a powerful tool to create awareness, engage interest, and foster a sense of belonging among our audience. It's not just a promotional piece; it's a testament to the values and vision of the Building Bridges program."