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Live action + motion graphics


Every year Dynatrace hosts Perform, a digital transformation event. In 2021, after hosting this signature event completely virtual, they welcomed speakers to a studio setting and sought to make a big splash. With celebrity keynote speakers Simone Biles, Kelsey Hightower, and Max Tegmark, Dynatrace wanted to impress with innovative video content to introduce each speaker. While the company already had much of the static event design assets, they needed help making it move.


• Graphic Design

• Animation

• Video Editing

• Sound Design

• 11th-Hour Support

• Fire Extinguishment


We had to work efficiently, so we quickly got up to speed on the Dynatrace brand and its event history. This year’s conference theme was “Empowering Digital Gamechangers,” so our content needed to feel game-changing. Working closely with the Dynatrace Perform creative team, we determined where they needed video to ensure the design of assets aligned with the event. We also showed them how event design elements can move in accordance with their brand identity.


Create intro hype videos for each of the three keynote speakers and two-panel discussions. With very little supplied content to create the videos, we had to get creative about sourcing content and weaving those pieces together with a consistent thread. We also created looping animated textures for the studio LED panels to tie it all together.

Nina tollefson

Art Director


"At first glance these look AWESOME. I’m really happy with them overall! I never had the first version of a video be almost perfect."